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Zestify 100mL

Add to any dish for an instant flavour hit.


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Made in Australia
Halal certified
Kosher certified
Only natural ingredients
No artificial colours
No artificial flavours
Sugar free and low GI
Heart-healthy — over 80% unsaturated fats
Gluten free
Dairy free

Why 6 Second Sauce?Top

The perfect alternative to chilli oil.

Tasty! — We bottle flavour, not heat
Exotic — Rich, slow-cooked intensity
Simple — Just add it to what's on your plate
Unique — An entirely new flavour experience
Artisan — Hand crafted in batches
No-cook Recipe™ — It's a condiment, no prep required
Instant New Dish™ — Old favourites become creations
Meal Finisher™ — Top off any plate for a zesty lift

#1  As a dip TopNext


By itself, or add salt, lemon, herbs or vinegar to create a fresh dip for flat bread, crusty bread, bread sticks or crackers.

#2  Avocado vinaigrette TopNext


Exceptional in avocado vinaigrette with balsamic vinegar, shallot and parsley.

#3  Salad dressing TopNext

Salad dressing

In place of olive oil, peanut oil or macadamia oil on any salad. Perfect with coriander, parsley, carrot, capsicum, tomato, spinach, lettuce and more.

#4  With noodles TopNext


Pour it on rice noodles with any Asian sauce, or top off wheat noodles in soups, salads and stir frys.

#5  On pasta TopNext


Brilliant on pasta and cheese with any Italian dish. Great with Gouda, perfect with Parmesan and terrific with Tasty.

#6  With rice TopNext


Turn jasmine, basmati, coconut or saffron rice into new family favourites with a drizzle on top. Stir through fried rice for spice without heat.

#7  With sauces TopNext


Add to Bolognese, chilli con carne, lasagne, stroganoff, red or green curry, korma, tandoori marinade, pad thai and more. A deep, delicious smoky flavour.

#8 With dairy TopNext


Sprinkle on yoghurt for added flavour, or mix it right in for a rich dipping sauce. Drizzle on melted cheese for an unbeatable taste experience.

#9  With meat TopNext


Pour on roast, fried or grilled meats for a juicy, mouthwatering burst.

#10  On top of cheese TopNext


Pour over grated tasty cheese on any sandwich or salad for the deep taste experience you've been wanting.

#11  On eggs TopNext


Stir into scrambled eggs for a rich, spicy lift. Drizzle on fried, boiled or poached eggs for an intense flavour creation.

#12  Hash browns TopNext

Hash browns

Bring these crisp golden treats to life with a rich red zing!

#13  Roast and veg TopNext

Roast and vegetables

Top the roast and veggies fresh from the oven with the aromatic spice of 6 Second Sauce.

#14  In the stew TopNext


Add new depth to your stews with a good dash of 6 Second Sauce in the pot.

#15  On the pie TopNext


Mix with your favourite barbecue or tomato sauce on the traditional, humble pie for an exciting new flavour burst.

#16  Chorizo and bacon TopNext

Chorizo and bacon

Add to chorizo, bacon or ham for an out-of-this-world smoky flavour lift.

#17  Honey toast TopNext

Honey toast

Layer with honey for a sweet, silky-smooth and smoky taste experience

#18  Pizza topper TopNext

Pizza topper

Lift any pizza to new heights with a sprinkle. Works with all toppings, and it's vegetarian too.

#19  Add to jam TopNext


Drizzle over jam on buttered toast for a new dimension of enjoyment.

#20  Instead of butter TopNext

Instead of butter

Sprinkle on bread or toast for the perfect sandwich zing.

#21  Fancy frozen meal TopNext

Fancy frozen meal

Liven up pre-packed meals with a dash of 6 Second Sauce. Just heat, treat and eat.

#22  In the marinade TopNext

In the marinade

Add to marinades for beef, chicken, pork or lamb for a rich spice and flavour depth.

How do you Zestify? Top

How do you Zestify

Tell us your creations!

We'd love to hear from you at howdoyou@zestify.life.

Nutrition InformationTop

Nutrition Information

Ingredients Top

Refined olive oil, capsicum annum (chipotle chilli, sweet paprika), cinnamon, fennel, pimento, aniseed, cloves, pepper.

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